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By josh • Nature, Wildlife • 19 Mar 2013

We certainly don’t get a great variety of mammals at our new home 2.5 miles outside of Vermont’s largest city.  When we lived in Monkton (adjacent to several thousand acres of woods) we regularly had deer, bear, fox, raccoons, and bobcat in the yard, the last of which helped significantly with the rabbits that were terrorizing my garden.  Here in South Burlington we have less diversity and smaller critters but it’s been fun to watch them all the same.  So far the list is just five: eastern gray squirrel, American red squirrel, northern short-tailed shrew, eastern cottontail, and white-footed mouse.  I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing eastern chipmunk before too long, and we’ve had some evidence of house mouse around but I haven’t seen or caught one yet.

Here’s the most recent addition to the list:

American Red Squirrel

American Red Squirrel
South Burlington, Vermont
February 2013
Canon 400mm f/5.6L at f/5.6, 1/400s, ISO 800

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