Full Moon at the Breeding Barn

By josh • Architecture, Landscapes • 5 Feb 2013

As I mentioned a few days ago, I recently had the opportunity to take some night photos at Shelburne Farms under a nearly full moon.  I haven’t really spent any time shooting at night before, so dealing with moonlight, exposing for stars, light painting, and “daylighting” are all pretty new to me.  None of my images were perfect, but I did get a few worth sharing.  Here’s the Breeding Barn in the brilliant moonlight:

Breeding Barn

Breeding Barn
Shelburne Farms
January 2013
Tokina 12-24mm f/4 PRO DX at 12mm, f/9, 20s, ISO 640

The biggest thing I failed realize was the degree to which long exposures introduce noise- managing ISO, a small enough aperture for starbursts, and exposing for the moonlight was a challenge I didn’t fully understand until I started to look at these images on the monitor.  In retrospect I wish I’d preset the ISO lower and left the shutter open longer in general.  The few images where I did that had quite a bit less noise than the rest.

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