Owl Dip

By josh • Landscapes • 1 Feb 2013

It’s been tough to get out recently with our bizarre weather (a 70F swing in two days this week!), work-related craziness, and preparations for our New Arrival.  One of my favorite Christmas presents, though, was a night photography workshop at Shelburne Farms last weekend.  The wind chill was probably 20 below, but I learned a lot and got a few pretty good shots.

What I did not find was a single owl, despite being outdoors for the better part of six hours after dark.  Maybe it was too cold for them too.

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple, Shelburne Farms
January, 2013
Tokina 12-24mm f/4 PRO DX at 20mm, f/9, 15s, ISO 640


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