Northern Light- Ring-Billed Gull

By josh • Nature, Wildlife • 8 Jan 2013

Vermonters are particularly prone to local boosterism and exceptionalism, but I think that even the most prideful woodchuck would have to admit that it can be pretty tough place to be a birder and/or bird photographer.  Vegetation is dense, dark, and unruly.  Access to key habitats (particularly pond and lake shores) can be frustratingly difficult.  Most of all, we’re one of the cloudiest places in the lower 48, and dealing with low contrast and low luminosity is a way of life here.

That said, it’s probably healthier to learn to love the conditions you have than to pine for abundant birds on exposed perches in perfect light.  The gray, dull, desaturating nature of cloudy afternoon winter light gives a graphical feel to this humble ring-billed gull, and I’m grateful for it.

Ring-Billed Gull

Ring-Billed Gull
Shelburne, Vermont
January 2013
Canon 400mm f/5.6L at f/7.1, 1/500s, ISO 400


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