Other Flying Objects: White-Faced Hornet

By josh • Nature, Wildlife • 27 Nov 2012
White-faced Hornet

White-faced Hornet
Tamron AF18–250mm f/3.5–6.3 AF Di II at 168mm, f/5.6, 1/500s, ISO 400

I’ve had an unfortunate run-in or two with white-faced hornets.  There’s nothing quite like having your lymph nodes swell to the size of baseballs to make you respect critters large and small.

This little gourmand was too engrossed in its meal to pay me much mind.  It looks a bit like my son after he’s gorged himself on mac and cheese.

Check out the new map tool below!  I’ll try to incorporate this into all future posts (especially posts about the 251 birds project), and perhaps I’ll go back and add it to old posts as time permits.

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  1. Ron Payne

    Hey Josh, have you ever checked out http://www.inaturalist.org/ ?

    • I haven’t- does it work well? I’ve just started using natureshare.com (because I have a few of the Audubon apps on my iPad), but I’m not 100% thrilled with the integration with the ID apps.

      • Ron Payne

        Inaturalist seems to be more science oriented that NatureShare. They have utilities to create sub-projects for specific species are regions, and a strong community helpful in identifying things you don’t know. I’ve only tried the web interface, which I like, but people I know who use the mobile aps seem to like it, as long as they wait until they get to wi-fi to upload their pictures. My main purpose for using it was to document my Butterfly sightings, but I find myself putting most anything I can identify in as well.

        • Looks great! I really like the projects idea. And I’m definitely finding I could use help with some of the insect IDs. Atlantis vs. aphrodite fritillary, for instance…

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