Yard Birds

By josh • Plants and Fungi, Wildlife • 25 Mar 2012

Despite our current location in a place that most Vermonters would consider suburbia’s ground zero, we’ve had some interesting yard birds here in the last two months.  Just this week we’ve had American woodcocks peenting and winnowing across the road and killdeer fluttering noisily overhead (probably distressed that the field they remember from last year is now covered in giant houses).

So I’ve had some opportunities to practice with the new lens without even leaving the yard.  Here’s a robin, sadly considering the unappetizing remainders of last year’s sumac…

American robin

American robin on sumac, Canon 400mm, f/9, 1/1250s, ISO 400

(these next three were taken through a dirty window, so pardon the noise and quality)

And the humble mourning dove…but look at that bright blue orbital!

Mourning Dove

Mourning dove, Canon 400mm, f/5.6, 1/800s, ISO 400

A female downy woodpecker noshing on some early allergens

Downy Woodpecker

Downy woodpecker, Canon 400mm, f/5.6, 1/800s, ISO 400

But spring is coming!

Maple Blossoms

Sugar maple, Canon 400, f/5.6, 1/800s, ISO 400




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